On-Reserve Health Programs and Services in Alberta

Public Health

Public health focuses on the protection and promotion of the health of the entire population. In First Nations communities, public health includes two key components: Communicable Disease Control (CDC) and Environmental Public Health (EPH).

Communicable Disease Control (CDC)

Communicable Disease Control is a mandatory and required program in all First Nations communities. Disease control is achieved through screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness. The mandatory CDC programs and services include:

  • Immunization including routine childhood immunizations, adult and influenza immunizations
  • Outbreak management including CDC emergency, infection prevention and control, animal bites follow-up and notifiable diseases
  • Blood-borne Pathogens/Sexually Transmitted Infections (BBP/STIs)
  • Tuberculosis Control in partnership with Alberta Health Services

STI partner notification is provided by AHS in all communities.

Environmental Public Health Services Provided by FNIHB and AHS

This section highlights the work done to identify, prevent and reduce environmental public health risks that could affect the health of First Nations communities. First Nations and nuit Health Branch (FNIHB) provides the following services to all the communities listed below:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Environmental public health services
  • Outbreak investigation
  • General inspection for playground safety
  • Safe built environments